Why does a recruitment consultancy have a booth at NAB?

That seems like a reasonable question. People go to NAB to buy the latest technology, surely? Let us explain our thinking and logic…

First, and most obvious, NAB is where the people are, and the companies are. We should not shy away from the fact that individuals do take the opportunity to scout around for new career ideas, even while they are staffing the booth of their current employer. You may have concerns about it, but it certainly happens.

We all know about the massive changes in the industry and how NAB is not just about broadcasting anymore. Just in the last few years, the industry has gained the FAANG giants and their streaming platforms; interactive and targeted advertising; and new markets like eSports. Smart people will be looking for where the next big thing is, and hitching themselves to it.

And if there are jobs and people looking for jobs, then it makes sense for us – Christy Media Solutions, providing specialist recruitment and executive search services to media businesses worldwide – to be there too. We can be the broker for both companies and candidates, whether they are actively looking for new jobs or staff or whether they want to register their interest and plan their moves later. Our global reach means we can line up people and jobs from around the world.

We appreciate that this can be a very sensitive matter: no employer wants to see a member of their staff on the booth of a rival, engaging in detailed conversation. We are not just the broker, we are the confidential broker.

Being a specialist in this industry places responsibilities on us as a company. Our people have to understand the media industry if they are going to provide effective, professional services to the major players.

Another reason we attend NAB, and the other major exhibitions around the world, is to invest in our own people. The big companies – and the smaller, niche providers – time their major announcements for NAB. We cannot be behind the curve.

The Christy Media team at NAB will have their ears to the ground. They will be seeking out the shifts in direction, the new ideas which need support, and the companies on the up. It is all part of being in the industry, not observing from the side.

Being embedded in the industry also means we can see where there are potential gaps, maybe in skills or understanding. Our business is to provide professional services in support of a company’s HR department, and not restricted simply to identifying staff.

For example, with the wholesale shift from traditional hardware technology to software and IP connections, there is a skills gap. Do you recruit someone who understands broadcasting but is not a leader in networking or microservices, or do you recruit from the IT industry and accept that they do not appreciate the performance levels that broadcasting demands?

Or do you find the person most qualified for the job, and add targeted training and coaching to fill in some of the gaps? This is typical of the way that we could add value beyond simply finding potential recruits. And we only appreciate the requirements by being a part of the industry, and being at NAB.

So, if you are going to NAB this year, come and find us on booth SL5130 or email