The year ahead

There are reasons to be cheerful within an industry that continues to adapt

Despite the challenging start to 2021 for many, including a new national lockdown in the UK, the broadcast media world continues to showcase it’s resilience and agility.

Only a few industries were fortunate enough to see demand from their customers maintained during 2020. Broadcast media was one of those – it has been relied upon to entertain and inform an audience that has been craving content while forced to stay indoors.

There is no doubt that certain revenue channels will have taken a hit but there has been an opportunity to embrace new captive audiences. This has resulted in many organisations accelerating projects which may have already been planned pre-COVID.

With a 3rd lockdown now in place across the UK, media organisations are immediately faced with an opportunity to reach consumers who will be actively hunting entertaining and engaging content.

Linear broadcasting has been, and will continue to be, pushed even further to the back of consumer’s minds as organisations look to grab the share of growing audiences with screen-time shooting up across devices. To capture these viewers, creative projects need to be carefully executed. This could be done through the construction of new platforms or perhaps a rebuild of existing OTT platforms to bolster the choices of content for savvy end-users.

Blending this all together means there continues to be a real demand for skills to facilitate these new projects in broadcast media. We have certainly found this to be the case with our work at Christy Media over the course of 2020.

Throughout the pandemic we have been able to successfully place and support candidates with the appropriate transferable skills to help organisations efficiently accelerate these plans.

As we look ahead to 2021, we know that the talented individuals and innovative organisations at the heart of the broadcast media industry will continue to develop new ways to deliver great content, when we all need it most.

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