Seven ways to make the best of your time spent on furlough – Broadcast Media professionals

Still on furlough or working reduced hours?

There are still huge numbers of employees on furlough and similar schemes around the world. Here in the UK the furlough scheme could be in full effect until the end of March, with a review in January.

If you’re currently furloughed then you’re almost certainly going to be kept on the scheme in some capacity until the end of the year….

This means that many will have been furloughed for almost 10 months by the end of 2020 and it’s now becoming more of a challenge for employees in the industry to stay busy and motivated while not directly working for their respective organisations.

From a wellbeing perspective it’s important to be able to make use of this time to keep your mind engaged and it’s also a good time to reflect on your career. So, we’ve come up with some top furlough tips for putting this continued extra time to good use.

1. Stay professional
This era of furlough or reduced hours will inevitably come to an end eventually and when it does everybody will return to a more traditional working routine. It’s important therefore, to be ready to hit the ground running when this time comes as the vast majority of organisations will be playing catch up. In readiness for this, try retaining a professional daily routine with activities at the same times you would normally be working. This should hopefully mean there is less of a body shock when returning to full time work.

2. Stay active
It’s very easy to fall into a cycle of doing much less exercise than you normally would around a normal working calendar. Why not just make the most of your extra time to complete your exercises when you feel most motivated in the day? There will also be less of a rush before and after your exercise to sprint back to your desk! Staying active is one of the ultimate stress relievers, even if it is just getting out for a walk and some fresh air.

3. Volunteering
It’s a great time to volunteer for a cause that is important to you. Most charities and not-for-profit organisations have adapted to the current restrictions so that volunteers can help out in some way remotely. Why not?

4. Stay informed
It’s always important to keep up to date with the latest developments in the Broadcast Media world. The backbone of the industry is new technology driving engagement among consumers and this is constantly being refined as organisations battle for eyeballs so stay informed on advancements that could affect you and your company.

5. Boost your learning and personal development
Normally our day-to-day work responsibilities keep us occupied to a level where our own personal learning and development is not always valued highly. Now could be a great time to consider some courses and training that YOU feel are important. Use this time to reflect on what you may want to brush up on and then go and seek the type of learning you want to engage in.

6. Allocate some extra time for your own hobbies.
It’s hugely unlikely we will be in this position again. So, in moderation and combined with the other points listed here, do something you enjoy. Did somebody say PS5? Xbox? A page-turner you’ve been eyeing up for a while? A continuation of a streaming binge? Whatever suits, it’s all about that escapism!

7. What’s next in your career?
This is also an excellent time to reflect on your career and what you want next. Perhaps you want to assemble the material needed for that next promotion or maybe you are looking for a different challenge. Either way this time can be used to consider what has and has not been achieved in your career.

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