Christian Magill
3 years ago by Christian Magill

Case Study: Targeted international recruitment

We work with broadcast and media organisations, telco operators and technology manufacturers to source suitable industry candidates across their wider commercial functions...


‚ÄčThe Client

A global sports broadcaster with headquarters in the Middle East.

The Terms

Recruiting in competition with other agencies.

The Brief

Our client required a highly experienced Senior Strategy & Investment Manager, with in-depth industry knowledge, to lead their newly formed department based in France.

This was a crucial strategic appointment for the company that needed to be filled urgently.

Our Approach

We drilled down on the core strengths that candidates needed and the specific knowledge areas that were most important to the client.

We devised and executed a highly targeted headhunting campaign.

The Outcome

We rapidly identified and qualified several excellent candidates, providing our client with a short-listed selection of 6 strong options, enabling them to make the best hire, as quickly as possible.


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